Stingray Flight Accelerated Reader Questions for children

Accelerated Reader Questions for Children

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Accelerated Reader Questions for children about Stingray Flight encourage early reading and reward reading progress. The interplay of traditional literature with digital online practice come together with V. R. Duin's platform. Problem-based, real-world learning is engaging and relevant to children's natural curiosity and developmental interests. Children like problem solving, so V. R. Duin writes content with meaning in her series of animal stories and accelerated reader questions about stingrays, sharks and armadillos. Inspired by the story of “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”, children find the encouragement to push forward with reading practice and the rewards that come with improvements in language development and comprehension.

Amazing Stingray Flight

Reward reading progress and encourage the early reading efforts by pairing fun reading passages from “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray” book with his insightful Accelerated Reader Questions for children about Stingray Flight. Children enjoy reading of Little Ray's amazing adventures and performing his fun reading comprehension exercises. Little Ray's story and his brief comprehension tests reward reading progress and encourage children to reach new heights with early reading and comprehension skills. They also learn a lot about the ocean world. Little Ray's books and questions are biologically sound, yet creatively appealing to children who are learning to read. Children want to share in Little Ray's adventures, over and over. With each reading, they learn something new.

“The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”

The story of “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray” begins with a young stingray's rather impractical plan to fly the big blue seas. After he soars into the great unknown, it proves to be the ride of a lifetime. When he has difficulty returning to the deep blue sea from the big blue sky, beginning readers will enjoy helping Little Ray. He needs all the help he can get to make his “splish-splashy” homecoming from his complicated stingray flight. The corresponding Accelerated Reader Questions for children about Stingray Flight reward reading progress and encourage early readers to achieve similar success with their most lofty of goals. Successful quiz performances can be rewarded by allowing the winning child to make the selection of the next learning project from V. R. Duin's diversified reading and comprehension evaluation platform.

Reward reading progress and let young readers design their own learning experience with The Amazing Flight of Little Ray and the corresponding Accelerated Reader Questions for children about Stingray Flight. The book and the accelerated reader questions encourage early reading and goal setting, by instilling in children the confidence and perseverance shown by Little Ray in his amazing flight. Sharing in Little Ray's meaningful experiences is memorable, informative and stimulative for children. Knowledge and comprehension skills are brought together in the V. R. Duin reading platform. Educators and family members can assess children's learning progress and provide critical feedback. The adventures in the books combine with the guidance in the questions to make reading and working with these materials entertaining, interesting and educational.

1. Little Ray wanted to:

Race with his mother.
Swim with other stingrays.
Sit in shallow water.
Fly like a bird.
Watch people on the beach.

2. Mama Ray was worried that:

Little Ray was not brave.
Little Ray would not be safe.
Other stingrays would be jealous.
Little Ray would scare the birds.
People on the beach would see Little Ray.

3. Little Ray got into trouble, because:

He caught a bird.
A bird caught him.
His mother caught him.
The people on the beach caught him.
Other stingrays caught him.

4. Little Ray got out of trouble, because:

His mother told him how to do it.
He thought and worked hard.
He liked being high and dry.
He didn't want to land on the beach.
He was out of the water.

5. Little Ray proves that:

It is better to never try anything new.
It is better to fail than to succeed.
It is better to stay out of the water.
Nobody ever is watching.
We can learn by trying.

6. Little Ray teaches us that stingrays:

Cannot jump out of the water.
Can fly like birds.
Have the same tails as birds.
Eat some of the same things as birds.
Have no means of protection.

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