Armadillo Accelerated Reader Questions for Early Reading Help

Armadillo Accelerated Reader Questions

Armadillo Accelerated Reader Questions provide early reading help that seems more like reading games for children. Children like problem solving, so V.R. Duin provides content with meaning in these accelerated reader questions about armadillos and in the original animal stories about stingrays, sharks and armadillos. This approach gets children reading passages and using accelerated reader questions as fun reading comprehension exercises.

Develop reading and comprehension skills for the children in your life. Pair these Armadillo Accelerated Reader Questions with V. R. Duin's fun story, “The Foxy Armadillos” about these unusual critters to make early reading help seem more like reading games for children. Learning about the foxy armadillos is an adventure into the unknown. Few children or adults know about these interesting animals. Although armadillos are common in many countries, including the United States, they appear only at night.

“The Foxy Armadillos”

In “The Foxy Armadillos”, armadillo parents move their family into an abandoned fox's den on a small farm, where they find themselves the target of the farmers. After these newcomers come up with a clever alternative to digging for pesky bugs, the farmers are happy to have them around. Then, the fox returns to reclaim his den. The farmers and early readers will celebrate the armadillos' surprising rescue of their home from this most unwelcome fox.

The Foxy Armadillos book and the corresponding Armadillo Accelerated Reader Questions make early reading help fun, educational, exciting and contemporary for children. As an added bonus, these creative productions work together to show the way our world can work together to sustain healthy crops and an Eco-friendly environment. It's never too early for children to promote lifestyles through which everyone can thrive and prosper.

1. When the farmers saw the holes:

They were happy.
They were not happy.
They helped to dig more holes.
They knew rabbits or mules had made them.
They chased the fox.

2. The armadillos felt safe, because:

The fox was still around.
The farmers liked foxes and armadillos.
The farmers worked at night.
Their armor protected them.
They only eat bugs.

3. The armadillo children turned fun into good work:

To scare bugs away.
To help the fox.
To make the farmers happy.
To knock down plants.
Thanks to Pa's idea.

4. When the fox came back:

The armadillos bowled him away.
The armadillos were happy.
The armadillos ran away.
The farmers sent him away.
The farmers were happy.

5. The armadillos prove that:

Play never leads to anything good.
It is not good to have fun.
Play can help solve problems.
Work can never be fun.
Fun can never be work.

6. The foxy armadillos taught us that armadillos:

Appear during the day.
Are like foxes.
Appear at night.
Eat plants.
Have no protection.

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